SIL has strategically established a closed-loop supply chain management system that differentiates us from other sourcing companies. SIL has selectively chosen ISO and TS certified factories as our long term manufacturing partners. Whether you are looking to develop an OEM or ODM project under a total management, SIL can assign the right manufacturers to provide competitive quotes and qualified parts upon your request.

Our sourcing process flow covers :

  • Sourcing and surveying capable and reliable manufacturers
  • Collecting qualified factories into our data base
  • Identifying suitable vendors based on customer’s design and requirement
  • Auditing factories’ quality system
  • Assisting manufacturers for in-process quality control, improving production efficiency

The involving manufacturing processes include :

  • Casting (Die casting, Sand, Permanent, Investment casting)
  • Precision screw machining
  • Plastic/ Rubber injection
  • Pressing/ Stamping
  • Extrusion
  • Rubber compression molding
  • MIM
  • Sintered powder
  • PCB assembly