Our Total Project Management assures efficient coordination of all facets of the procurement program from design to delivery. The range of services that Simmons International provides includes sourcing, vendor qualification, engineering/technical support, negotiations, IPQC and final inspection, manufacturing and shipping control, and third party inspection.

Vendor Survey
Simmons conducts vendor surveys to identify potential manufacturers, not only those already producing product within the category, but others with the potential capabilities (based on their equipment and background) to meet our clients requirements. Vendor surveys include a review of the manufacturer's current production capability, his manufacturing facilities, equipment, QA/QC program, financial strength as well as his management (staff and operational).
Negotiations at the initial stage are conducted by line staff with senior staff joining the final negotiations. Negotiations are transparent, with the manufacturers pricing analysis reviewed jointly with us on a step-by-step basis. This includes a breakout of the component parts they purchase, coupled with our efforts to reduce these costs by suggesting alternative sources and/or components. For those component parts which are not readily available to the manufacturer, we work to help them locate sources and, in some cases, negotiate prices.
Engineering/Technical Support
Our Mechanical and Electronic engineers are fully conversant with the production processes related to operations in their areas of expertise and their presence in the factories provides continual support during production. Recognizing a rapidly expanding market for outsourcing of professional engineering services, we are now actively strengthening our capabilities in this area. Our aim is to integrate Simmons services even more closely with our clients in house systems through engineering and technical support.
Through experience gained over twenty seven years of international operations, we fully appreciate the critical nature of communications. Whether pertaining to shipping, negotiations, engineering, quality control and reporting, or production schedules, the information is of little value unless communicated promptly and properly. Communications by courier, telephone, email, fax or video conferencing is critical when business is conducted over an expanse of many thousands of miles and differences in language and customs can lead to misunderstandings.
Quality Assurance/Quality Control/Third Party Inspection
Simmons Quality Assurance/Control department (Taiwan) has a staff of 34 plus 35 on-site inspectors/engineers based in Mainland China, each highly trained and experienced.
· Our Quality Assurance Department (QA) performs vendor surveys, first article sample inspections, establishes inspection criteria, designs, orders and calibrates inspection equipment, and trains staff in international quality standards such as ISO9000, QS9000, IAPMO, 6-Sigma, ANSI/CSA, ASTM, NSF, UL, BS.
· Our Quality Control Department (QC) carries out in-process quality control and final audit inspection, as well as corrective action and follow-up. For major projects we maintain a staff of inspectors who are permanently based in a dedicated factory with responsibility for daily "on-line" inspection during a production run. We also provide third party inspection service.
Supporting Staff
Our export traffic department is responsible not only for scheduling/consolidating shipments but also for maintaining updated schedules that are used by our own staff and principals. They also monitor shipping and open order status. We review not only the available sailings but also changes in the freight rates. We work to obtain any available cost advantages due to sales volume, utilization of different shipping lines, or, if available, changes in the product classification or tariff.