Simmons International Product Ranges

Simmons handles a wide range of OEM programs, focusing on the following product categories:

Residential & Commercial Plumbing & Plumbing Hardware
OEM Parts
Auto Parts
Industrial Castings / Hardware / Fittings / Assemblies
Electrical Devices Including: Transformers, Adapters, Power Supplies, Power Cords , Cable Connectors, OEM PCB Assemblies , SMT Types
Plastic Injection Tooling for Export
Bathroom Accessories
We oversee the following manufacturing processes:
Pressure Die Casting
Gravity Die Casting
Low Pressure Die Casting
Sand Casting
Investment Casting
Stamping and Forging
Rubber Molding
Permanent Molding
Powder Metallurgy & Metal Injection Molding
Precision Machining
Plastic Injection Molding
Shell Molding
Hardware Assembly
PCB Assembly
Electronic / Electrical Assembly
Raw Board Fabrication , ICT Test