Simmons International Ltd., established in April 1977 is a sourcing, engineering, procurement and inspection organization. We represent clients worldwide helping them to source, develop, engineer and purchase product in the Pacific Rim, according to their proprietary specifications. With a client base that is primarily OEM, our programs cover a wide spectrum of product and manufacturing processes. Simmons maintains a staff of some 150 employees of which over fifty percent are mechanical or electronic engineers.

As an ISO 9001 certified company, Simmons International supports its client's programs and its staff with sophisticated communications and engineering software, the highest standards in QA monitoring programs, QC assurance and even Stateside consignment warehousing.

Simmons International's role is to extend the reach of our client's purchasing department, becoming a secure and integrated component of their supply chain. We stand as a ready made alternative to our clients establishing their own purchasing operation in the Pacific Rim, with all of the risks and overhead attached therein.

Simmons International is now striving towards the goal of adopting the highest current standard for World Class performance, Six Sigma.